CallWallet is live and giving you back time

Callwallet is ready to let you build work sessions in seconds and save you hours every day!

Use data directly from your CRM to make handsfree calls while on the move and automatically record outcomes.

Call after call, you’ll be reaching out and connecting in time you never new you had!


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Call Wallet delivers productivity and focus by linking you with CRM tasks and creating as many call stacks as you like – large or small – fully controlled by you to work at your pace. 

No need for separate equipment when you move from office to home. CallWallet makes your mobile phone an effective business desk phone.

Key fields from your CRM can be set to be read out, the contact autodialed and after the call you can dictate notes completely hands free and set tasks back into the CRM automatically. The next call is set up, ready when you are. Let the system drive the pace or use the dynamic pause to collect your thoughts.

If you are out of lockdown or in a role where you are driving and want to press on with work in otherwise ‘dead’ time this is the only integrated app that allows you to make use of your time while driving and keep up to date with calls. Simply connect your bluetooth headset to go hands-free. Use voice control to manage your call lists, notes and diary.

If you’re not driving, simply use the app to drive increased performance through focused sessions informed through your most up to date information.

The work done in the App is recorded in your CRM and is both visible, actionable and measurable.

CallWallet free version is here at Apple App Store and here at Google Play.

Simply download, register and link your CRM to experience it for yourself

Create simple rules

Easy setup

Set up is easy. The Call Wallet App integrates seamlessly with your CRM and populates the key fields so that you know who you are calling and why.

Easily choose tasks

You choose which tasks will be worked using CallWallet as a scheduler to drive performance while working from home, in the office or while driving

Start and stop work sessions that suit you

Start and stop the session working steadily and effortlessly through work which otherwise would have been falling behind

Features you’ll love

Follow Your Existing Workload

Date ranging identifies your existing tasks and carries them over into the app


Work current tasks, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts.

Text to Voice – Voice to Text

Completely handsfree control of calls, notes and diary tasks

Automatically push updates back to your CRM

Convert a voice note where you summarise the call into a note and create ‘next steps’.

Dashboard inclusion – Analytics Integrated Automatically

Call Wallet makes sure that the call and next steps you create is recognised as a piece of work completed that day . automatically keeping your admin in order


Create a list to help drive a productive travel day

See what CRMs are supported

Visit the Integrations page

CallWallet will ease your time deficit however that occurs and help you deliver results in these trying times. 

Deliver valuable conversations and free up personal time in the process by using your CRM as the bedrock of your day, then update it seamlessly. Use voice to text technology to create notes and diary events contemporaneously.

Want to learn more about CallWallet?

Book a call below and our product specialist will be able to run you through what this incredible app can do for you.

The ONLY App that lets you create a focused list which you can autodial later

Essential Data Pushed Your Way

Ten options for the fields you have a preference for as essential ‘need to knows’ before you start the call.

One Time Set Up then less than two minutes sets up subsequent sessions

Configure on day 1. Subsequently your preferences will be those fields which automatically are brought into the session

No Fuss Set Up

Quickly identify the work you are packing. Date range it to cover that days work, yesterday , one week prior, tomorrows

Checklist Functionality for Rapid Session Building

Simply check or uncheck to have a contact, lead , account or opportunity included or excluded from that session.

Focus, Focus, Focus – Your CRM Converts Your Mobile Phone to An Effective Business Desk Phone

100% Handsfree – Hear your Key Fields Read Out Before Being Autodialed For You

Control Your Session Totally Handsfree

Voice commands will prompt your Call Wallet App to read out the next contact you have to make

Key Fields Read out to Remind you why You are Calling

Voice commands let you skip this if you like but if you need a prompt it’s there no matter how many calls you stacked up for yourself


When you are ready the contact telephone number carried over from your CRM is dialled

Call Management

Successful calls are recognised and take you into a session to instruct what goes back into your CRM


If the call goes unanswered or uncontactable – simply try again or key it up for later

Call Wallet Summary Recording

While still fresh in your mind you’ll be asked to voice record a short summary of the call which will be converted to text and pushed into your CRM as a file note

Download a free version from your mobile phone at  Apple App Store or Google Play

Simply download, register and link your CRM to experience it for yourself. Or create unlimited sessions with unlimited contacts to be added by subscribing

No commitment, no obligations.