CallWallet is live and giving you back time

Callwallet is ready to let you build work sessions in seconds and save you hours every day!

Use data directly from your CRM to make handsfree calls while on the move and automatically record outcomes.

Call after call, you’ll be reaching out and connecting in time you never new you had!


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CallWallet is an easy to install app for your mobile phone. Turning it into an effective business desk phone without the need for expensive additional equipment and linking your phone directly to your CRM in real-time.

Work effectively from home by organising your calls and bringing focus to your day despite the distractions!

COVID-19 has brought new challenges to your work and home life. Focus can be more difficult to sustain.

Download CallWallet on your mobile to plan your day in a few minutes and know that whatever gets in the way you’ll be back on track in quick time!

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We connect and sync to your favourite CRM in real-time, bringing clarity to how and who you call

How it works

Connect to your favourite CRM

We’ve integrated with SalesForce, Hubspot, Zoho and Pipedrive. These systems drive your business so why wouldn’t you use them as your platform for calling clients effectively?

Create a work session

Create a work session by choosing the contacts you want to call – bring focus to your new way of working.
Kids, pets, partners, incoming calls and the neighbours may interrupt your flow but CallWallet will get you back on track fast!

Make the call

With text-to-speech technology, you’ll know everything you need to know before each call as CallWallet pushes some pre-call information to you immediately before the call .


With speech-to-text technology, simply dictate what the next steps are for the contact you just called – CallWallet will update your CRM in real-time. Working from home never got easier.

Features that make life easy

Easy setup

Set up is easy. The Call Wallet App integrates seamlessly with your CRM and populates the key fields so that you know who you are calling and why.

Text to Voice – Voice to Text

Completely handsfree so you are able to leave your desk and perform other tasks


Create a list to help drive a productive day

Start and stop work sessions that suit you

Start and stop the session working steadily and effortlessly through work which otherwise would have been falling behind

Easily choose tasks

You choose which tasks will be worked - use CallWallet as a scheduler to drive performance

Automatically push updates back to your CRM

Convert a voice note where you summarise the call into a note and create ‘next steps’ whether at your desk or elsewhere in your home/office

Download a free version from your mobile phone at  Apple App Store or Google Play

CallWallet is ready to make your life better

Want to learn more about CallWallet?

Book a call below and our product specialist will be able to run you through what this incredible app can do for you.